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Services: Hardscaping

Although trees, shrubs and flowers are certainly important, it's just one element of landscape design. Another is known as hardscaping. Hardscaping is composed of all the non-plant design elements of a yard. In other words, all the paved walkways, walls, patios and rocks constitute your lawn's hardscape.

Hardscaping does wonders for beautifying an outdoor space and represents the foundation and anchor of landscaping plans.  Let Aries Landscape & Construction guide, plan and implement your next hardscaping project!

Retaining Walls

A Retaining wall is a structure that holds back earth material and stabilizes soil and or rock from movement or erosion. Retaining walls accent any landscape nicely. While increasing the value of you property create seperate levels to your yard. The possibilities are endless.


Patios are so relaxing on a hot summer night.  More people prefer to relax on their patio than their living room. We can help design the perfect patio area to fit your home. Select from a wide variety of paver color and style's for your new patio or walkway.

Walkways and Steps

Walkways and steps are the elements that give you that access. A walkway or step lets you move around and enjoy every corner of your home’s landscaping while adding beauty and function to your landscape.


It’s amazing how the subtle sound of an outdoor water feature can soothe the stress of an hectic day at the office.  Let Aries Landscape & Construction describe how wonderful and virtually maintenance free landscape water features can be. One thing is for sure; our water features will be the ultimate conversation piece or the focal point of any landscape or outdoor living area.



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